Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The Wedding Industry Awards...

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We've all been there when it comes to planning a wedding...  Choosing the right vendor!

As a vendor myself I have seen & heard it all.  Are they reputable, will they get it right, will they turn up, will they rip me off?   These are all worries & stresses a bride & groom face when planning their big day.

Luckily, The Wedding Industry Awards has put that to rest!  In it's fourth year, The Awards recognises wedding suppliers & vendors that excel in their profession.

The way it works is very simple.

Suppliers & vendors enter the awards and then rely on votes & feedback from their previous years wedding customers, suppliers are not privy to the feedback from their customer until after awards.  The votes & feedback are then judged by a panel of leading wedding industry experts and then filtered into a shortlist.  The shortlist is then judged again and a winner is chosen.

The awards have now grown into the leading industry standard and are now recognised by many.

We, ourselves, recently we're shortlisted as a finalist and I have to say - it also helps boost your reputation and profile as a vendor when attending venues all over the country.... so it works both ways!

So... if you're looking for a florist of photo booth or even a dress maker to a DJ.  You'll find a whole list of recognised suppliers over on the website.


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