Thursday, 28 November 2013

Video: Groom’s pregnant mistress spoils wedding day...

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Morning all... had to share this article from 'The Metro'.  You would not want this happening on your special day... lol

Married life got off to a rocky start for one couple when the groom’s pregnant mistress turned up at the reception intent on starting a fight.

The uninvited guest, who was dressed for the occasion in her own wedding outfit and reportedly drunk, wrestled the bride to the ground as the groom attempted to pull them apart.

‘You didn’t have an abortion while you could and now you come here with your big stomach,’ the bride apparently shouts at the woman in the video.

‘How do I know whose kid it is? Are you trying to coerce us into buying you a house? Can we afford it?’

The incident happened in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, according to the Nanfang, who translated the angry exchange.


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