Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Groom Gets Favourite Power Tool Colour Themed Wedding...

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Getting married in your favourite football colours I can understand... but when John Jones from South Wales wanted to marry his wife-to-b,e Kelly Williams, in his favourite  Power Tool Brand - De-Walt... that's another story!

Carpenter John Jones, 28, is obsessed with DeWalt drills, saws and sanders which are made only in black and yellow.  And when John proposed to sweetheart Kelly Williams he came up with the ultimate DIY wedding - to show her the power of love.

John, his best man and three groomsmen wore black with yellow ties.

The two bridesmaids donned bright yellow dresses and the £400 wedding cake was in black and yellow tiers with marzipan models of John and Kelly on the top.

The 150 guests sat down for the wedding reception in a hall decked out in none other than black and yellow, and they all went home with black and yellow carpenter's measuring tapes as wedding gifts.

Kelly, 27, gave her approval to John's power tool wedding day but stuck to her guns and wore a traditional white gown.

She said: 'He's mad about just one brand of power tools, he has been since the day I met him.
'When he came up with the idea I wasn't too happy - black and yellow are not really traditional for a wedding.

'But my chief bridesmaid said it would look original so I told him to go ahead.

'But I put my foot down when it came to my dress - that's where I drew the line.'

John's obsession started on his first day as an apprentice carpenter when he bought a set of DeWalt tools.  He has since set up his own carpentry business and wears a black and yellow uniform in his black and yellow van.

He said: 'Some people wear their favourite football team's colours but I wear the colours of my favourite power tools. 'Kelly was not sure about a black and yellow wedding but I think we all looked great although I'm glad she wore white.' The couple, from Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, have an eight-month-old baby Jessica whose pram is - you've guessed it - black and yellow.
A spokesman for DeWalt said: 'It is fair to say John is our biggest fan.'

Story courtesy of The Mail Online


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