Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Amazing Wedding Pics..

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This lucky photographer in Alaska caught this amazing wedding picture when he spotted the unusual phenomenon...

Newlyweds Megan & Zach had their wedding pics captured on Mount Alyeska in Alaska.  They didn't bank on anything quite like a double rainbow to make their pictures even more special.

The couple and wedding photographer Josh Martinez, from Chugach Peaks Photography, spotted the stunning rainbow as they travelled up the mountain in an aerial tram.

Josh positioned bride Megan, dressed in her white gown and holding her bouquet, on the edge of the mountain and waited for the double rainbow to reappear.

Luckily it did, and the couple managed to get a memorable photo with the stunning peaks of the mountains and colourful rainbows in the background.

The talented photographer later captioned the shot: 'We guarantee double rainbows on your wedding day.'

Story courtesy of Yahoo


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