Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Mcdonald's Wedding Breakfast...

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Ever thought of having your wedding breakfast at Mcdonald's??   Well Steven & Emily Asher did just that!

The fans of the fast food chain decided that their regular Cribbs Causeway branch just off the M5 motorway was going to be the setting.

Having married at Bristol registry office, the couple and their 33 guests made their way to the restaurant.  Arriving in a stretched limo, the manager of the branch roped off an area for the couple to enjoy their celebration.

Steve (28) opted for the Chicken Legend meal (£5.09) while Emily (21) went for the box of chicken nuggets (£4.29)

Looks from people dinning there didn't put the happy couple off and when questioned why they opted for Mcdonald's... Steve replied 'Everyone loves Mcdonald's, don't they?'

The total for the wedding breakfast was £150.  the manager also presented them with a bottle of champagne but insisted they didn't' drink it on the premises as they don't have a license for alcohol.


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